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Q. Is this project dead?
A. Not dead, but nearly so. No significant changes are planned until 2006.

Q. Why is it so big (over 2 megs when compressed)? It does nearly nothing!
A. It containes linked multiplatform library. This library is used for developer's (for my) conveniance.

Q. Why "Preparator"?
A. Because it was designed to "prepare" photos of microscopical preparations. This regular operation on photos was like some kind of making biological preparation: slightly cut, slightly dry, put onto something and add label.

Q. Why there is nothing done for JPEGs to be saved better? This program is absolutelly useless until this popular format will be well supported!
A. May be, or may be not. While functionality of this "Preparator" is poor, another programs are frequenly needed for all necessary job to be completed. In such cases image file is to be saved multiple times until all the job will be done. That's why format it is saved in should not be lossy until the last operation will be perfomed.

Q. Does conversion to grayscale or monochrome really work? All converted images seems to be the very same size as originals.
A. Yes, it works only partly. This program uses wxWidget's built-in graphics, which currently can save 3 samples per pixel images only. Unfortunatelly, I discovered it when the program was almostely finished. Conversion options are kept available for their slight usefullness. If You store your pictures compressed (i.e. zipped), a compressed archive file of images with deleted colour information is much smaller, even if they still have 3 samples per pixel.