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When first started, a program will display empty main dialog.

Main dialog on first run

To fill its Preparation Task field it is necessary to create new preparation task. Press Tasks button, and empty Task Manager dialog will appear.

Task manager dialog

In this dialog press Add button, and New Task dialog will be opened. On this dialog, press Add image tab.

Second tab of New task dialog

On this tab press Browse button to select image file to be placed on images, and set its position on them by selecting values from dropdown lists and entering offset values. In this example icon will be located in left bottom corner of each of images, 10 pixels to the right from the left side and 5 pixels to the top from the bottom. Press OK button to accept changes. The New Task dialog will be closed, and newly created task will appear in Preparation Tasks list of Task Manager dialog. Press OK button in Task Manager dialog to save new task.

Filled main dialog

In main dialog select newly created task from dropdown list. Then press Browse button to select a folder to be processed. Press OK button to process all images in selected folder.